How to free range hogs for profit a side job or main source of income! 

This is going to be more or less a rundown of the business end

  • ​Things to ask your self before getting started!
  • Why do I want to raise hogs? 
  • Do I have the extra income to get this started correctly?
  • Do I have the right amount of land for what I want to do? 
  • Do I have the time to set this up?
  • Am I going to make money locally with my hogs?
  • What breed of hog do I want to raise?
  • Do you want to raise lean meat hogs or fatty hogs?
Warning  Stay away from small breeds teacup,mini,potbelly pig and any pig crossbred with these pigs they are not meat pigs.  If you cross breed them in with a production hog you will destroy your feed effeincy and dramatically stunt the growth of your pigs you will have no hope of ever selling meat pigs.

       OK   First thing you need to know about free ranging hogs for profit is that nothing in life is ever easy.  Although if you are dedicated and you want to take the time to listen, you may learn a thing or two from a hog farmer.  Also before jumping into farming or any livestock is research your market.  You need to check places you are going to be selling at whether it is farmers markets, newspaper ads, facebook, cork boards, meat processors, or even craigslist you need to figure out what the animal you are raising is going to sell for.  Then you need to figure out what it is going to cost to raise that animal.  Now free range does not mean free money!!  You are not going to get away with just throwing some pigs out in your yard and expect them to make you money. 

Let me give you a general rundown of the business end.


Feed conversion for a few primary farm animals. 
  • A cow takes 8 pounds of HIGH Quality feed to gain 1 pound of body weight,
  • A pig takes 3 pounds of HIGH Quality feed to gain 1 pound of body weight,
  • A chicken takes 2 pounds of HIGH Quality feed to gain 1 pound of body weight.

So lets say you want to raise pig.
This would be the math I would use a market hog weighs 250lb X 3 for feed conversion= 750lb of feed. Now you devide that by the weight of the bags which in most cases is 50lb.  So 750/50=15 so now you know it takes 15 bags of high quality feed to bring that pig to market weight.  How much are you going to pay for those 15-50lb bag well the going rate in my parts is $12.50 per bag thats $187.50 you now have into that one pig.  So now the question is can you buy a market pig with in a reasonable driving distance for $187.50 or less live weight? Now most people sell their hogs for $1 a pound some times upto $2.99 a pound for grade A quality livewieght. But thats for breeding stock purebred with papers. 

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